Yes we can, Canada!

Bourassa Alimentation LTÉE has been supplying the region of Quebec with fresh products, fruit and vegetables for over 60 years. CEO Marc Bourassa started in January 2020 to pack his fruit and vegetables in our Packnatur® net tubes. Customers had been urging him more and more to stop using plastic for this purpose.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. With a Facebook post he reached more than 70.000 people in the first 24 hours and a TV station asked him for an interview about the introduction of this packaging innovation to the Canadian market. We asked Marc Bourassa for a quick feedback on our Packnatur® netting.

  • What experience did you make with our netting at the introduction in your market?

"First of all, I’m an end user of the Packnatur® netting. I sell fruit and vegetables in prepack containers. My customers were always asking me to stop using plastic but I couldn’t find anything to replace it. When I found the Packnatur® product I was very excited to finally have a packaging solution that is environmentally friendly. I tested it with all the fruit and vegetables, and I found out that some products wouldn’t work with the netting (such as lettuce and broccoli) but for over 75% of the fresh products that I sell it works perfectly. I find this product easy to work with and with some imagination (because I only use the standard size tube) I’m able to fit everything."


  • Did you get feedback from your customers?

"I had a lot of feedback from my customers. When I switched the plastic for the Packnatur® netting, my customers were very happy and thanking me for this business move. I put a post on my business Facebook page and within 24 hours I had reached over 75000 people and a week later I was over 180000 reach with over 3000 positive comments on this new product. Most people were thrilled to see some innovation in the packaging solution and I have decided to be the Canadian distributor of this great product. Since January 2020 I have already one new customer and three that are waiting on their clipping equipment to start buying the Packnatur® netting from me."


  • Does it support your marketing?

"My business doesn’t do any publicity. We work from reference and people just talk about us so much since we started using Packnatur® netting that it helped to increase our sales."


Photos:  Bourassa Alimentation


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