Sustainable direct mailing: One Packnatur® Pick Pack for every home in Vienna Josefstadt!

A plastic-free future: This is the common goal of our customer BILLA and Josefstadt, the 8th district of Vienna. For this reason, they both wanted to give every resident the possibility to reduce their plastic waste by providing them with our Packnatur® Pick Pack reusable bag. This bag is made of beechwood fiber and will be used by Josefstadt’s residents for their future fresh fruit and vegetable shopping. VPZ supported the effort from the first idea to the final product, and coordinated the logistics behind the direct mailing.

On the initiative of BILLA as well as district leader Veronika Mickel-Göttfert every household in Vienna Josefstadt received one of our reusable net bags made from LENZING™ Modal beechwood fiber. These bags can also be bought in the shops of BILLA, Merkur, Adeg and Sutterlüty in Austria. They are being used to carry loosely sold fruit and vegetables from the supermarket to the fruit bowl at home. By doing so, more than a million plastic bags can be saved every year in Vienna Josefstadt alone – a big relief from the 44 plastic bags every person statistically uses each year.

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