Production of Packnatur® in Styria, Austria

VPZ Verpackungszentrum GmbH opens new factory in Neudau, Styria (Austria), to produce its beechwood based Packnatur® tube nettings, which does not only create new jobs but also opens new perspectives in the textile industry.

Eight years ago, one of VPZ's research projects had its market breakthrough for the brand Ja! Natürlich by REWE Austria: the Packnatur® tube nettings were made of LENZING™ Modal beechwood cellulose fibres harvested from the thinning of domestic forests, which have become a sustainable solution for packaging potatoes, onions, citrus fruits and many more. Driven by the trend to reduce plastics, the product quickly conquered the international markets and does not only provide a certified plastic replacement that is 100% biogenic, biodegradable and home-compostable but also creates new jobs in the domestic industry.

VPZ Verpackungszentrum started as a mere trading company but began to invest in research and development of biogenic packaging solutions more than 25 years ago. Now, VPZ and its experienced team of textile engineers are taking another step towards industrial production by setting up a new line in the municipality of Neudau, a historic hub of textile manufacturing in Eastern Styria, where already 16 new jobs were created during the first level of expansion and two more levels scheduled for the nearest future. The innovations of VPZ do not only create new jobs but also open new perspectives for the Austrian textile industry.

The product has already won many international awards, including the WorldStar Packaging Award, and has been recently awarded in Amsterdam with the Sustainable Food Award / Runner Up in the category Sustainable Packaging. Green product design with regional roots yields great results and makes a difference. Packnatur® cellulose tube nettings are the sustainable, biogenic alternative to conventional plastic packaging and are increasingly demanded by consumers.

Photos: Packnatur® managing directors Helmut Meininger and Manfred Kern with team, mayor Wolfgang Dolesch, VPZ managing directors Susanne Meininger und Markus Kainer

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