Packnatur® Neudau is expanding its wood-based cellulose tubular netting products range

Our machine park at the Packnatur® factory in Neudau is growing and has been expanded to include our latest test machines. Product diversifications are being developed there that will enable even more customers from a wide range of business fields to package their products ecologically in cellulose netting.

Material savings while maintaining consistent tear resistance, customizable net looks and mesh dimensions, new application areas and design versions are our testing ground. The nets will be available with narrow or large sleeves, or in rolls. This means that Packnatur® Neudau can now offer the appropriate cellulose net solution to almost every packaging company worldwide, without any major changes to the packaging machines necessary. More and more customers are discovering the net as an extremely material-saving, ecological packaging solution for alternative areas of use and are switching from plastic to wood. Not just fruit and vegetables, but also confectionery, seafood, animal feed or cosmetics and wellness products look good in it.

Photos: Marija Kanižaj, Flavorite (AU), Jac Vandenberg (US), BonBons / Selfridges (UK), Atlantic Irish Seaweed (IE), Flavorite (AU), Heuwiesl (AT), Ocean Farm Supply (US), Flavorite (AU)

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