Packnatur® goes Down Under!

Because of our new sales partner Jenkins Freshpac Systems New Zealand our Packnatur® cellulose net tubes made of LENZING™ Modal beechwood cellulose are now also available in supermarkets on the other side of the planet - in New Zealand. Additionally they were put in the spotlight in November at this year’s Canberra Design Festival at the community art exhibition „Unpacking the Future“ by ACT NoWaste.

Jenkins Freshpac Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jenkins Group, a Kiwi company with a proud tradition of innovation spanning over 135 years and service network throughout New Zealand and Australia. Jenkins provides innovative end-to-end solutions for New Zealand´s fresh produce industry. Their progressive solutions encompass the entire packhouse, from labels and tags, to automation and machinery, packaging and consumables, and technical service and support. At each stage they focus on adding value, with pioneering technology, special finishes, compostable packaging, and many other world-class products and service solutions. We asked CEO Jamie Lunam for a quick feedback on our Packnatur® netting.

  • What experience did you make with our netting at the introduction in your market?
    "As New Zealand seeks to move quickly to reduce plastic use in retail packaging, the Packnatur® product from VPZ has been very quick to get the attention of produce packers, marketers and retails. Without the need to change packing equipment or infrastructure our customers can change from traditional plastic netting to Packnatur® with ease."

  • Did you get feedback from your customers?
    "Customers are extremely excited by the support from the industry for the change and with no need to upgrade equipment. They have changed over with either no, or only very minor adjustments to equipment to run the new plastic free material."

  • Does it support your marketing?
    "Jenkins Freshpac Systems has been at the forefront of suppling sustainable packaging and labeling solutions to the New Zealand horticulture market for decades. The VPZ product fits perfectly with our values and marketing plans."

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