Ocean Harvest Bag™ powered by Packnatur®

Ocean Farm Supply in Brunswick / US is the exclusive distributor of the Ocean Harvest Bag™ specifically designed for the harvest and distribution of shellfish, eliminating the need for single-use plastic mesh bags. The concept for Ocean Harvest Bags™ was created and realized in cooperation with VPZ Packnatur®. A particularly tear-resistant net had to be developed for the hard and sharp-edged shellfish.

„We envisioned a biodegradable and compostable harvest bag that compliments the sustainability of shellfish aquaculture by disrupting the single use plastic waste generated by conventional harvest bags. It is our mission that the Ocean Harvest Bag becomes the new industry standard in shellfish harvest“, says Erin Adams, Co-Founder and CEO of Ocean Farm Supply. Ocean Farm Supply supplies the cellulose-based netting to shellfish producers and distributors throughout America. The Ocean Harvest bags are biodegradable in seawater and do not cause microplastics in the soil or oceans.


Erin, from your point of view, which advantages does the Packnatur® Cellulose Net Packaging have? Are there differences in handling compared to the plastic bags that were used until recently?

“The biggest advantage of the Packnatur® Cellulose net packaging is that the life cycle of the product from manufacture to disposal is complete.  Being able to tell the story that the cellulose netting is better from the start and that can be home compostable brings significant value to our customers. Our customers are thankful that they don’t have to worry about the microplastics that are created from cutting open the bags and that they can focus on enjoying their premium shellfish. We find the material to be a near perfect replacement for the plastic mesh bags we were using before.  Depending on individual harvesting techniques, product characteristics, and quantities, some users do need to monitor and modify their handling practices to ensure maintaining the maximum strength of the mesh and integrity of the weave.”

Is the tensile strength satisfactory?

“We find the tensile strength satisfactory, especially for mussels and clams. We think this product works well for up to 100 3” oysters and is also well suited for retail seafood counters where consumers order shellfish by the dozen to take home.”

How were broken or used bags disposed of until now?

“Broken or used bags are single use and were thrown away sometimes only hours of use once the shellfish reaches its destination. The Ocean Harvest Bag™ made of Packnatur® cellulose netting eliminates the single use plastic waste in shellfish harvest and distribution.

Photo: Ocean Farm Supply / Shea Parikh


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