Hay in sight

The manufactury „Heuwiesl“ in Seewalchen am Attersee at the foothills of the Alps packs their bundles of hay and straw in our Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting. And that’s simply a feast for the eyes.

Heuwiesl stands for more biodiversity. After all, the most beautiful meadows in the world are colorful and are home to a vast number of species. Since a maximum of two steps is taken in order to produce the hay the wild flowers and herbs are preserved during the process. Because of this the food supply for wild bees and other insects increases – a wild paradise for biodiversity. By using a gentle mowing technique, the flora as well as the fauna are protected. The clippings are sun-dried and then packed in compostable Packnatur® Cellulose Tube Netting. This way this diverse natural product is presented in a completely natural packaging as well. Animals who nibble the netting by accident are not harmed since the cellulose netting made from beechwood is easily digested especially in comparison to plastics.


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