Food packaged in nature - Natura Alimentos is our new partner in Mexico

Natura Alimentos distributes fresh produce to the three biggest supermarket chains in Mexico and to one in the United States.

„Our focus is on providing the best quality produce to our customers, either bulk or in eco-friendly packaging. We'd like to help reduce plastic waste, bring added value, and promote environmental protection,“ says Alicia Weatherly, International Operations for Natura Alimentos and President of  Tierra Selecta.

How is the Mexican fruit and vegetable market developing and what significance does the organic part of the market have?

„Mexican consumers are slowly gaining more consciousness about organic products, in particular the health and environmental benefits. We anticipate that the organics segment will continue to grow and we are focusing on promoting agroecological practices.“

How far is the development in sustainability when it comes to packaging and what status does biogenic packaging have?

„The Mexican market is quite price sensitive and eco-friendly packaging isn’t widespread.  The good news, however, is that various local government entities are beginning to focus on reducing single use plastics.  We hope that governmental support will lead to an expansion of sustainable packaging and increased consumer consciousness.“

Why do you use our Packnatur® cellulose tube netting and for which kinds of produce do you use it?

„As producers and distributors of fresh produce, we know that change begins with us.  We’re passionate about reducing food packaging waste, so we were thrilled to add biodegradable netting to our product line.  At the moment, we are selling prickly pears, sweet potatoes, and garlic in Packnatur® cellulose tube netting.“

Photos: Natura Alimentos

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