Our biogenic packaging solutions combine the highest standards of freshness with respect for the environment and are particularly suited to the food industry. These solutions go by the name of Packnatur®.

VPZ provides a wide range of packagings for the food sector. For environmental reasons their distribution is limited to the national market.
Our in-house developments under the brand name PACKNATUR® have a worldwide unique selling proposition and are marketed internationally.

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Organic potatoes in a plastic bag? Not a good combination, in our opinion. This is why we have looked for partners with whom we can drive research and development forwards. One of these partnerships has resulted in the development of the PACKNATUR® cellulose tube netting made from beechwood. PACKNATUR® is a uniquely soft solution that keeps fruit and vegetables even fresher.







The body of a baby turtle, deformed by plastic. Plastic bottles washed up on the beach. The Great Pacific garbage patch, the size of Germany... Sadly, we aren't doing enough to protect our environment. Plastic has been an integral part of packaging production for far too long. Just look at apples that have been shrink-wrapped in plastic, or fresh broccoli that has been squeezed into cling-film. Nets for lemons, potatoes, onions and many other fruit and vegetables in supermarkets are also made from plastic. Where's the sense in that?

Our concepts have revolutionised food packaging. Our packaging leaves plastic standing. Our packaging is compostable, recyclable and made from biodegradable materials – all with the aim of protecting our valuable fossil resources. In line with this philosophy, VPZ has developed tube netting made from the cellulose fibre LENZING™ Modal.

The raw material used for Packnatur® cellulose tube netting is sourced from local beechwood forests. The beechwood, which is recovered from forest thinning, is converted to modal fibres using carbon-neutral processes that respect the strictest environmental standards. These fibres form the basis of our Packnatur® cellulose tube netting, which has since been adopted by all leading supermarkets in Austria. Packnatur® doesn't let any organic potato slip through the net – and that's just the way it should be!

“The cellulose tube netting produced by our much-valued partner is a wonderful way to pack our vegetables sustainably and contribute to the range of packaging solutions available to our customers.”
EOM* GmbH, DI Herbert Bucher, Managing Director

*The EOM vegetables-growers´organisation, Marchfeldgemüse, is Austria´s largest organic packaging company for field vegetables. This organisation is responsible for handling and marketing Austrian vegetables that have either been ecologically grown or organically certified.

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