Ja! Natürlich takes a tram ride through Vienna for Thanksgiving. On board: our PACKNATUR® Pick Pack reusable bag made from LENZING™ Modal beech wood cellulose

Ja! Natürlich delivered the best organic winter vegetables to the city and set a sign for healthy soils. A campaign that excited the inhabitants of Vienna as much as it was pleasing for our soils and the climate: organic farming and sustainable management methods imply that no genetic engineering, no chemical synthetic plant protection agents and no artificial fertilizers are used. This is in line with the strong commitment of Ja! Natürlich to green packaging as the vegetables were handed out in reusable bags that can be used again for the next shopping. http://www.janatuerlich.at


Images: Ja! Natürlich managing director Martina Hörmer and her team hand out organic winter vegetables from the Bio Tram packaged in Pick Pack reusable bags made from beech wood cellulose.
Credits: Philipp Lipiarski

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