European Business Awards 2016/17

Video, online 10.01.2017

VPZ National Champion

Helmut Meininger: „VPZ Verpackungszentrum was founded in 1982 as a company that sells food packaging. My daughter took over the helm in 1989 and, together, we introduced a new environmental slant to product development. This change of course was more the outcome of personal conviction than a financially driven business decision. The VPZ research and development team partners with universities, engineers and designers, which explains how we have come to lead the market in the field of biogenic packaging. We turn seaweed into foam, plants into film and beechwood into netting. 2013 saw the launch of our Packnatur® cellulose tube netting in the Austrian market. Since then, it's been adopted by leading supermarket chains in Austria for organic fruit and vegetables.“


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