Ocean Harvest Bag™ powered by Packnatur®

Ocean Farm Supply in Brunswick / US is the exclusive distributor of the Ocean Harvest Bag™ specifically designed for the harvest and distribution of shellfish, eliminating the need for ...

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Marley Spoon delivers recipes and fresh ingredients in their mealkit to people’s homes.

Along for the ride: our Packnatur® Pick Pack.

Good news for all the home chefs out there! Marley Spoon is partnering up with Packnatur to supply their customers in Dutch and German-speaking countries with a sustainable option to keep their fresh ...

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Tierra Tica – Costa Rica ticks green

This little Central American country has been a role model for ecological energy sourcing and eco-tourism. With the help of Tierra Tica, our local distribution partner, it is further developing the ...

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Mother Nature in mind: BRINGiT brings it

"You don’t need to become an eco-warrior overnight.Take it one product at a time, and work your way up,” says Deb Singer, the leader of the plastic bag ban at Whole Foods and co-founder of ...

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Production of Packnatur® in Styria, Austria

VPZ Verpackungszentrum GmbH opens new factory in Neudau, Styria (Austria), to produce its beechwood based Packnatur® tube nettings, which does not only create new jobs but also opens new perspectives in the textile industry.

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