Markus Kainer appointed head of the Packnatur® division

Over the past three years, he has made a significant contribution to the success of VPZ...

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Art wrapped in cellulose netting

Parabol Art Magazine is an international magazine for contemporary art.

The 9 / 2018 edition »the ritual issue« was packed in our Packnatur® cellulose net tubes.

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The Swiss COOP introduces new, reusable organic packaging from Graz

Fruit and vegetables are in for a new look! The reusable Packnatur® cellulose bag made from Lenzing Modal® is the latest 100% wood fashion ...

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Riverford ditches plastic nets in favour of biodegradable alternative

Riverford Organic Farmers (GB), News Release November 2017

Organic farmers and nationwide veg box deliverers, Riverford, have ditched plastic nets used to pack onions, citrus fruits and sprouts in favour of a compostable alternative made from beech tree ...

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Lifetime Achievement

Company founder Helmut Meininger honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2018, run by the World Packaging Association (WPO)

“We want to be specialists in a new kind of packaging. Our materials shall be sourced from nature,” noted Helmut Meininger on 15th July, 1991. Two years later, motivated by the seaweed plague in ...

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