We took part in this interesting exhibition, which ran from April to June 2016 in the State Museum for Art and Design in Nuremberg. Our natural packaging was among exhibits in the "Alternatives for a rubbish-free planet" section.

Mindful of the resource-intensive production of disposable plastic bottles and their contribution to the growing global rubbish problem, Finnish artist Tea Mäkipää included the following in her Ten Commandments for the 21st Century: "Avoid all products in plastic packages." However, her work goes beyond merely formulating commandments (something regularly done by environmental authorities and other organisations). This exhibition offers an opportunity to accompany the artist as she adheres to rules such as "Don´t fly" on a several month-long journey without planes – travelling from Weimar to the United Arab Emirates and back by train, bus, boat, ship and on foot. The documentation of the journey through different countries and cultures underlines the impact that all of our decisions –whether these be big, small, routine or one-off decisions – have on one’s personal ecological footprint.


WEtransFORM catalogue: ISBN 978-3903131262, €22

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