A project aimed at getting young people involved in society and raising democratic awareness.

The 'Bibongo – a Town Designed by Children' project organised by Kinderfreunde Steiermark will give children aged 6 to 12 years the opportunity to design their own town – and experience life in this town – over the course of a week. Fun, pedagogical tools will turn the children's town into a space where they can encounter life and discover new experiences. The aim of the children's town project is to encourage children – of their own free will – to act autonomously and responsibly, while getting involved in society and becoming more democratically aware. Under supervision of specialists, children take part in a week-long urban simulation game that gives them the opportunity to investigate and experience their own town, politics, media, culture, banks and places of work. The town's gates were made from our cellulose tube netting by upcycling designer, Markus Ofner.

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