Panel discussion
May 31, 2022 | 18:30
Austrian Cultural Forum Rome

The event series FORUM PER IL FUTURO (FORUM FOR THE FUTURE) sees itself as a marketplace for innovative, creative ideas and initiatives for the ecological and social shaping of the future of our society and our planet. At the meeting on May 31, the focus was on the „Green Heroes“ initiative sponsored by Alessandro Gassmann and „Markt der Zukunft“ (Market of the Future) founded two years ago in Graz. The project examples presented revolved around the topic of circular economy.


Alessandro Gassmann
Actor, author of the weekly „Green Heroes“ column in the 'venerdì' supplement of the 'Repubblica' newspaper, in cooperation with the Kyoto Club; Author of  the book “Io e i Green Heroes. Perché ho deciso di pensare verde”. (The Green Heroes and I. Why I have decided to think green.)

Annalisa Corrado
Ecologist and activist (Green Italia); Co-initiator and coordinator of the „Green Heroes“ project; Kyoto Club technical activities officer.

Tiziana Monterisi
Co-founder and CEO of  „Ricehouse“,  Biella, one of the „Green Heroes“ companies.

Wolfgang Schlag and Birgit Lurz
Initiators of the „Market of the Future“, Graz.

Bettina Reichl
Entrepreneur, VPZ Verpackungszentrum Graz and Packnatur Neudau, biogenic packaging; sustainable fashion designer under the label: ODROWAZ.

Presenter: Gudrun Sailer, Radio Vatican

Photo: © Ada Vallorani

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