Art wrapped in cellulose netting

Parabol Art Magazine is an international magazine for contemporary art.

The 9 / 2018 edition »the ritual issue« was packed in our Packnatur® cellulose net tubes.

»the ritual issue« 9 / 2018
curated by Verena Melgarejo Weinandt & Imayna Caceres
linked by <rotor> Center for Contemporary Art Graz

Rituals hold peoples together in their need for connecting and transcendence. Determined by power and the hegemonic forces which establish which rituals are valid, the colonialist monopoly of catholicism almost completely displaced any other symbolic system that proposed strategies of resistance for non-dominant groups and positions. In this issue, the invited artists share a deep preoccupation with the intersection of political, sexual, ecological and spiritual realms. Their works push the association between third-world, racialized, gendered bodies and colonial history, political activism and ancestral references, sexual politics and mystical sources.

In curating this issue Verena Melgarejo Weinhardt and Imayna Caceres have approached the artistic and theoretical reflections of two iconic figures: the cuban-born artist Ana Mendieta, and the chicana author and artist Gloria Anzaldúa. for Anzaldúa, her job as an artist “is to bear witness to what haunts us, to step back and attempt to see the pattern in these events (personal and societal) and how we can repair el daño (the damage) by using the imagination and its vision.” In tune, for Mendieta, art’s greatest value is its spiritual role: “My art is grounded in the belief of one universal energy which runs through everything: from insect to man, from man to spectre, from spectre to plant, from plant to galaxy.”

The Magazine was presented at the viennacontemporary.

Parabol is a project by section.a, section.d and Chris Goennawein.



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