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14,000 entries, 69 industries, 7 countries
Because of its high level of professional competence and excellent service quality VPZ was honored with the High Performance Award 2021, Europe’s most sought after award for the service industry.

The HIPE Award is one of the most renown awards for exceptional achievements in the service industry in Europe. The nominees have to go through a strict evaluation process in the categories “quality, performance, service and effectiveness” and must achieve a minimum grade of 1.7. In the year 2021 alone 14,000 companies from 7 nations and 69 different industries threw their hats into the ring. This award portrays the clear recommendation of a service and enables customers to recognize the added value of a company immediately. Companies such as the Allianz Insurance Group or REMAX count themselves among the winners of this award.

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The SCIN Gallery is an architecture and materials gallery located on Old Street in Clerkenwell, at the heart of London' s design district. The gallery promotes materials as well as artists’ work.

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Green Product Award 2016

The Green Product Award is the biggest competition in the field of sustainable design products. With the theme of the international design competition being "DO YOU DESIGN THE FUTURE?", the jury set ...

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