Green Product Award 2016


The Green Product Award is the biggest competition in the field of sustainable design products. With the theme of the international design competition being "DO YOU DESIGN THE FUTURE?", the jury set out to find innovative, sustainable products and services. A total of 500 entrants from 35 different countries took part.

All entrants were assessed in the fields of design, innovation and sustainability. The competition was split into two different categories – an overall assessment and an evaluation in these three specific fields.

06–08.11.16: Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair
21–23.10.16: Designer´s Open Leipzig
26–29.08.16: Shanghai Design Week
09–13.02.16: Stockholm Design Week

Further entries
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Fashionable packaging

Shredded cellophane, doilies, rubbish bags, plastic cups, wood pulp trays and nets replace the conventional design materials of velvet, silk, wool and leather. To mark the 10th anniversary of the VPZ ...

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Skin – Material Future

Bringing together what belongs together!

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You consume, you decide

The International Forum of Cultures is an event organised under the patronage of UNIDO, which aims to open up the dialogue between cultures and spark global talks about sustainability, cultural ...

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